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The Art of Imperfection

I am a perfectionist at heart, however, my journey with ceramics has challenged me to abandon the unrealistic expectation I’ve always had to be ‘perfect’, not just in the ceramic art I craft, but also for my individual-self.  My new-found Wabi-Sabi philosophy has taught me to appreciate the beauty in imperfection, not to force a piece of clay into something it’s not meant to be, but rather let it take up its own form and character.

There are many uncontrollable and external factors that influence each piece's end-result: The clay’s organic characteristics, the natural air-dry process, the high firing temperatures (some pieces are fired up to 1264°C). This all plays a role in the becoming of a beautiful art-piece. It’s these natural-uncontrollable-influences that make each piece unique.

From sculptural vessels for your office, home or living spaces, to bespoke tableware & homeware accessories, my aim is to produce beautifull objects that enable people to add a sense of artistry to the everyday spaces they love living in.

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